Tele Tots Prime Time For Kids Learning Center

1718 E Irlo Bronson
Memorial Hwy.
Saint Cloud, FL 34771

Phone: 407-891-1115

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday
6:00 AM – 7:30 PM

Saturday and Sunday

We Accept:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
A visit to the Center by parents is required prior to enrollment and frequent visits re-enrollment so that you are able to see first-hand our daily activities. You are encouraged to bring your child for a visit before they begin at the Center so that he/she can see the classroom and meet the teachers. Children move into their groups be their individual needs. Upon enrollment, an application, emergency information and several other forms will need to be completed and submitted to the Director. All immunization record, proof of birth and a current physical is required at the time of enrollment. The child’s physician must complete the medical form. Children with special needs will be accepted providing we can meet those needs. This will be based on a case-by-case review. Upon enrollment, a non-refundable enrollment fee is required. Enrollment fees are renewable every year from August to June. Tele Tots Prime Time For Kids Learning Center requires two-week advance notice prior to withdrawal of a child from the Center.

Student Application Form

Classroom and Staffing

A classroom ratio will be in accordance with the current licensing laws and children, will be grouped according to age and functional levels of maturity. Activities are scheduled that are appropriate to their age. Please check with the Director for the current staff child ratio in affect.

Financial Agreement

Tuition payments are due in advance on Monday. The school depends on each month’s tuition to pay its current expenses. Therefore, prompt payments will be great appreciated. There will be a late fee charge of $25.00 a week for payments not received on time.

A. Registration Fees:

The registration fee is payable when you enroll a child for the first time and is due for each succeeding year he/she is enrolled, or for each additional child in the family who is enrolled.

B. Credit for Absences:

Your child retains his/her place in the school; therefore, there is no credit for absences.

C. Vacation and Holiday Credit:

After your child has been here for six (6) consecutive months, you are entitled to 50% one week of vacation. A vacation, request must be submitted at least one week in advance.

D. Overtime Charges:

There will be an overtime charge of $1.00 (One Dollar) a minute per child for children not picked up by 7:30p.m. Constant late pick-up may result in dismissal from the center.